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Supermarket walkin freezer for vegetable and fruit

Usage, for vegetable and fruit display

Application, supermarket.


1,Body was consisted by PU panels,

  Normally use the 100mm thickness type, which is of high density and fire retardant

   and 0.5mm steel plate could give a good support to the body itself

2,SS(Stainless steel) shelves

  The shelf is of 1.3m height and 1.08m width.

  There're 5 plates on every shelf, 

     clients in shopping could rotate it like Ferris Wheel to pick the vegetables

3,With Night air curtain on the top which could save energy.

4,Easy to get re-stock for the stuffs.

5,More display area in the limited shop.

6,Reputed parts, like EMERSON compressor units and DANFOSS valves.