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Operation temperature: 3M1, 3M2, 3H1.

Usage: 3M1 for display and sales of seafood, fresh meat; 3M2 for beverage, milk product, sausage, cooked food and other dairy product; 3H1 for all kinds of fruits, vegetables, etc.


1、R404a/R744 refrigerant.

2、For the purpose of high efficiency and low energy consumption, increase the heat transfer, we use efficient evaporator to increase the evaporation temperature and heat exchange amount.

3、There is a solenoid valve for each cabinet. We put a filter in front of the solenoid valve to reduce the difficulty and period of installation, limit the risk of dirt blockage.

4、Low front edge with huge open space maximizes the food display effect.

5、Maximize the shelf depth within a limited freezer width to provide more effective volume

6、Optional high efficiency fan and LED lamps can be selected according to customers’ requirement.

7、Top tubing design makes construction easier.

8、Ultra wide high quality night curtain minimizes the gaps between curtains to save more energy.

9、Off-cycle defrost reduces the energy consumption.